The EST conducts research in the field of innovative processes for a sustainable future energy supply. Here, numerical as well as experimental approaches are pursued. Noteworthy is the unique 1 MWₜₕ pilot plant, being the only plant of this scale in an university environment. The research fields are investigated in a range of research projects in cooperation with national and international partners from industry and academia.

Research at the EST encompasses different topics in the field of energy technology, with the focus being on the development, optimization and scale-up of various processes allowing for a sustainable energy supply, as well as the development of relevant measurement technology for the quantitative assessment of these processes.

Here, a sustainable energy supply is defined through its de-carbonization, while at the same time guaranteeing lower emission of pollutants, a higher security of supply and the economical competitiveness of the deployed processes.

To achieve these goals, research at the EST is divided into three fields Gasification & Innovative Energy Conversion Processes , CO₂ Capture , and Power Plant and Fluidized Bed Technology , whereby intersections and interrelationships between these fields arise in the course of numerous research projects.

To conduct experimental investigations, test rigs in different scales are available at the EST. A range of unique test sites have been erected in the Technical center . Moreover, a unique 1 MWₜₕ pilot plant , being the only plant of this scale in an university environment, is part of the experimental infrastructure. A further analysis of the probes collected during operation can be conducted in the Fuel laboratory . In many cases the experimentally obtained findings are supplemented with numerical investigations. Therefore, both CFD simulations and flow sheet simulations are conducted.