Current projects

Research at the EST is dividied into a number of national and international joint projects with project partners from industry and academia.

An overview over the current research projects is given in the following table. For more information please visit the linked project sites or contact the respective contact person.

Name Time Frame Contact Person
DELTA 05.2021 bis 04.2026 M.Sc. Philipp Mohn
OptiMaDyn 07.2021 bis 06.2025 M.Sc. Adrian Marx
Clean Circles 04.2021 bis 03.2025 M.Sc. Lara Kuhnert
REBECCA 07.2021 bis 12.2024 M.Sc. Alexander Kuhn
VERENA 10.2020 bis 09.2024 M.Sc. Jens Kaltenmorgen
DFG SFB/TRR 129 Oxyflame 07.2021 bis 04.2024 M.Sc. Marcel Richter
FLEXnCONFU 04.2020 bis 03.2024 M.Sc. Pascal Koschwitz
HOPES 03.2021 bis 12.2022 M.Sc. Pascal Koschwitz
CLARA 11.2018 bis 10.2022 M.Sc. Paul Dieringer
ANICA 10.2019 bis 09.2022 Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Carina Hofmann
LIG2LIQ 08.2018 bis 02.2022 M.Sc. Eric Langner
LOUISE 10.2021 bis 09.2024 M.Sc. Philipp Mohn
CARBIOW 10.2022 bis 03.2024 M.Sc. Marc Siodlaczek