1 MWₜₕ pilot plant

The 1 MWₜₕ pilot plant, which is unique in an university environment, is being utilized in test campaigns for the investigation of processes in the fields of "Gasficaition & Innovative Energy Conversion Processes" and "CO₂-Capture" in the semi-industrial scale.

The 1 MWₜₕ pilot plant, which was erected in 2010 within the framework of COORETEC – LISA , allows for semi-industrial investigations in the fields of combustion, CO2 capture and gasification. Consequently, more extensive explorations than in the smaller scale of the technical center are facilitated. The plant is unique in its dimension and design and hence forms the basis for numerous national and international state funded joint research projects with partners from academia and industry.

The modular design of the plant, consisting of the three core components, a 1 MWₜₕ combustion chamber and two circulating fluidized bed reactors (CFB 400 and CFB 600), facilitates the implementation and investigation of different processes such as Carbonate Looping, Chemical Looping, and High Temperature Winkler Gasification (HTW) through an appropriate interconnection with additional components. Thus, it is also possible to analyze interposed and downstream components such as units for post-gas treatment. This service is also being offered to partners from industry, who want to investigate specific components or processing units.