Fuel laboratory

In the fuel laboratory fuels and samples collected during test campaigns can be analyzed.

Our fuel laboratory offers a range of different opportunities for the analysis of fuel and other solid samples. Its main purpose is the analysis of the fuels and feedstocks which are being used during experiments in the technical center and during test operation of the 1 MWₜₕ pilot plant as well as well as solid samples taken during operation. Moreover, it is being utilized to educate students on practical matters within the scope of different tutorials offered by the EST.

Last but not least, we offer fuel, dust, ash and residue analyses as services for research and industry partners.

Devices Info
Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) Netzsch – STA 449 F3 Jupiter incl. expansion for experiments in a vaporous atmosphere Poster (opens in new tab)
Ultimate analysis Elementar – vario MACRO cube Poster (opens in new tab)
Bomb calorimeter IKA – C 200 Poster (opens in new tab)
Heating microscope Hesse Instruments – M16 Poster (opens in new tab)
Laboratory furnaces Nabertherm – LT 5/13
Nabertherm – LVT 3/11
Memmert – UNB 200
Poster (opens in new tab)
Poster (opens in new tab)
Poster (opens in new tab)
Air jet sieve Alpine – 200-LS-N Poster (opens in new tab)
Abrasion analysis Self-built Poster (opens in new tab)
Cutting mill Fritsch – PULVERISETTE 19
Analytical and precision balances Kern – ABT 100-5M
Mettler Toledo – AB54-S