Technical center

Experimental considerations in the technical center serve the purpose to quantify and optimze processes related to the different research fields considered at the EST.

The technical center serves the investigation of various energy technology related questions on an experimental scale. For this purpose, a range of different test rigs as well as measurement technology are available. The applications range from the basic understanding of a process to the development and optimization of novel techniques, measurement technology or simulation models and conception of (semi-)industrial processes.

Test Rig Staff Member Info
Quasi-2D Fluidized Bed Reactor Alexander Stroh
Alexander Daikeler
Cold Fluidized Bed Reactor Alexander Daikeler
High Temperature Fluidized Bed Reactor Jens Peters
Jan May
Nhut Nguyen
Poster (opens in new tab)
Vaporizer Circuit Andreas Müller Poster (opens in new tab)
Entrained Bed Reactor „PAM“ Coskun Yildiz Poster (opens in new tab)
Corrosion Measurement Facility Andreas Müller
Coskun Yildiz
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Heat Accumulator Test Rig Poster (opens in new tab)
CARINA-Test Rig Carina Hofmann Poster (opens in new tab)
Glass Absorber Christian Heinze
Torrefaction Reactor