Energy Systems III
Innovative energy conversion procedure

During the lecture, innovative processes for the material and energetic use of alternative carbon sources (biomass, waste, sewage sludge and CO₂) will be introduced and presented as alternatives to conventional processes. Here, special focus is placed on processes being able to close the carbon cycle. A large part of the lectures will deal with the topics of gasification and the further processing of syngas (e.g. Biomass-to-Liquid). Furthermore, the innovative field of using CO₂ as a resource will be covered and processes facilitating the reduction of atmospheric CO₂ emissions will be introduced (carbon capture and utilization technology). A whole lecture in this course will be dedicated to the potentials of further utilization of waste and sewage sludge.



Form of examination: Written
Date: Freitag 26.07. 2024, Klausurbeginn um 08:30 Uhr
Place: L4/02 Räume 201 und 202
Duration: 90 min.
  • Non-programmable calculator
  • No formulary
Other notes:
  • All required paper will be provided
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Post-exam review: TBA