In the course of the EST lectures, students will acquire profound expertise in the field of energy technology. Moreover, technical possibilities of a climate neutral and environmentally friendly energy supply will be presented, relating to the experience gathered in research. Besides the EST lectures, two tutorials and an ADP are offered to students annually, allowing for a broadening and application of the acquired knowledge.

The supply of electrical and thermal energy is a prerequisite for the functioning of modern and technological societies. While the basic form of energy supply is currently topic of a controversial political debate due to climate change considerations, research, development, and implementation of diverse, complex and in particular sustainable process chains are part of the area of responsibility of engineers. To be able to achieve these demanding tasks, future engineers require not only a substantiated expertise, but also need to possess an interdisciplinary understanding of the subject.

The courses offered at EST cater to both aspects. While the lectures provide the necessary theoretical knowledge to master the mentioned challenges, the students are offered the opportunity to apply this knowledge in the context of an Advanced Design Project and gain insights into computational process development. The tutorials serve the acquisation of skills regarding process control technology and fuel analysis by the work on practical tasks. Furthermore the EST offers regularly a variety of interesting bachelor & master theses based on current research topics.