Energy Systems II
Renewable energy systems

Energy systems on the basis on biomass, solar thermal power, photovoltaics (PV), water and wind power as well as geothermal energy.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Epple
Supervising assistant: M.Sc. Philipp Eiden
M.Sc. Christoph Graf

Time frame: Summer semester
Date: montags von 11:40 bis 13:20 Uhr
Place: L1/01 24K
Start: Monday, 22.04.2024
Prerequisites: None
Lecturer slides:
  • Slides only in printed form
  • Lecture slides will be provided chapter-wise before the start of each lecture
  • Alternatively, all issued chapters can be obtained from Marcel Richter(L1|01 342) after preceding data arrangement via mail
  • Printing of the slides will not lead to any costs fort he students
  • Exercises, background information and announcements on this page (see below)
Office hours: Date will be announced in first lecture
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Form of Examination: written
Date: Donnerstag 18.07.2024, Klausurbeginn 14:00 Uhr
Place L4/02 Räume 1 und 2
Duration: 90 Min.
Post-Exam Review:
  • Non-programmable calculator
  • No formulary
Other Notes:
  • All required paper will be provided