Energy and Climate Protection

Introduction (energy market, fuels), thermodynamic fundamentals, conventional (fossil) energy systems, carbon capture and storage, renewable energy and nuclear energy.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Epple
Supervising assistant: Pascal Koschwitz and
Dominik Wimmer
Time frame: Mondays
Date: digital
Place: 25.10.2021
Prerequisites: None
Lecture slides:
  • Slides will be distributed via Moodle in .pdf format
  • Lecture slides will be provided chapter-wise before the start of each lecture
  • Exercises, background information and announcements via Moodle
Office hours:
  • TBA
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Form of Examination: Written
Date: Monda, 26.09.2022 at 08:00 hrs
Place: L2/03 room 6
Duration: 90 min
Post-exam Review: TBA
Date via Moodle/TUCaN after publishing of grades via TUCaN
  • non-programmable calculator
  • no formulary
  • all required paper will be provided