Selection, Design, Simualtion, and Techno-Economic Analysis of CO2-Utilization Concepts for the Waste-to-Energy Plant Darmstadt

Auswahl, Auslegung, Simulation und techno-ökonomische Analyse von CO2-Nutzungskonzepten für das Müllheizkraftwerk Darmstadt


Within the DELTA Project, applied solutions to contribute to the energy transition in Darmstadt are being developed. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 can be captured from the Waste-to-Energy plant Darmstadt, and utilized to produce chemicals such as methanol. To achieve this, an efficient tailored process to capture and utilize CO2 (CCU) is required.

The aim of the thesis is to select, design, optimize and asses different concepts for utilizing the CO2 captured from the Waste-to-Energy plant Darmstadt. For this, techno-economic models in MATLAB/excel will be developed, and process modelling (e.g. with Aspen Plus) will be carried out. The results will serve as a basis for the design of a suitable CCU facility in Darmstadt.

Waste-to-Energy plant Darmstadt: Municipal waste feedstock. Source: Entega AG.