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General information on teaching

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Regarding the recognition of services rendered abroad, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Requests to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Epple in this matter will not be answered.

General information about teaching

The provision of electric power and heat energy, eg Heating or process steam, is an important branch of power engineering and industry. Iin the last decades, in addition to the technical aspects of implementation and cost-effectiveness, issues of resource and environmental protection play an important role. Therefore, the improvement and development of individual equipment and plant processes is very important. The lectures are trying to convey a deeper understanding of this. 

In the energy technology sector and others, as well as in process engineering, multiphase systems and multiphase flows play a very large role. It includes e. g. often occurring in industrial process systems, instruments and two-phase systems, such as vapor / liquid, gas / liquid, gas / solid particles and liquid / solid particles. The special lecture multiphase flows brings this broad introduction and presentation of the currently existing theoretical description concepts. The course is recommended for students majoring in process engineering.




  • Fossil-fired power plant concepts
    Some Keywords: circulation or once-through steam generator, constant pressure /glide pressure- power control concept, combination of gas and steam turbine cycle, heat and power generation, among others used e.g. with CHP
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Plants that use renewable energy sources
    Some Keywords: Solar farm or solar tower plants, wind converter
  • Nuclear fission reactors
    Some Keywords: Pressure and boiling water reactor (PWR, BWR)

  • Essential physical principles
  • Stationary design of the overall process
  • Transient behavior of important components (eg conventional steam generators, reactor ...) and as a result the behavior of the overall system system
  • Approach to the theoretical simulation of the system dynamics using the example of a thermal power plant



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