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ACCLAIM - Advanced Coal Chemical-Looping combustion -AIMing at highest performance

Consortium: Alstom Power Systems SA, BASF SE, Chalmers University of Technology, CSIC, Darmstadt Technical University, Technical University of Vienna.

In the Chemical Looping process, the furnace of a conventional dust fired power plant is replaced by two circulating fluidized bed reactors.

Chemical Looping process


In this process an oxygen carrier circulates between two interconnected fluidized beds. The oxygen carrier, usually a metal oxide, is oxidized in the first fluidized bed reactor (AIR REACTOR) and subsequently transferred into the second reactor (FUEL REACTOR). In this reactor coal is gasified and the oxygen carrier is reduced. Due to this reduction oxygen is released and the gasification products (CO, H2, CH4) are oxidized. Thereby the coal is combusted with pure oxygen and the produced offgas consists of CO2 and water only. In this process the expected efficiency loss accounts to approximately 4%-points (including CO2 compression).

The Chemical Looping process is researched within the ACCLAIM (Advanced Coal Chemical-Looping combustion -AIMing at highest performance) project funded by the EU-Research Fund for Coal and Steel and Alstom. Further partners are BASF SE, Chalmers University of Technology, CSIC and Technical University of Vienna. The funding and the assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

At the Institute of Energy Systems and Technology at Darmstadt Technical University Chemical Looping Combustion is researched at 1 MWth scale, including Process Simulation and Numerical Simulation.

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